Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kate's Variable Editor

Well, as I have mentioned before, I am part of 'Season of KDE' this year and am working on Kate. My project statement is to create a 'Modeline Editor'.

Frankly speaking, modeline variables is a feature that I was unaware of before I read about this project.  It is one of those subtle features that can make editing and formatting very easy. With just a line at the beginning (or end) of the file you can tell the editor things about tab-width, syntax-highlighting, background-color and what not.

With a lot of assistance from my mentor, Dominik Haumann, we began working on the variable editor by creating a new 'widget'. For now, this remains independent of the rest of the Kate but once it is ready (which it almost is), we'd merge it.

Some important lessons learnt during the process that I'd like to share :-

  1. Make use of version control :- After spending about 24 hours on a part of the project, I e-mailed my mentor the new source code; only to learn that those very changes had already been made. So how did I miss it ? I thought I was smart enough to update my working copy in the beginning of those 24 hours, but not once during those working hours did I bother to check if some changes had been made. That was one valuable lesson. As Vicky correctly pointed out though, there was a silver lining : I wrote some code that was written by a more experienced person as well; I had the opportunity to compare and learn. 
  2. Develop complex widgets separately : As I mentioned above, the variable editor is being developed as a widget separately. It required a combination of combo-boxes to cater for boolean, integer, colors, fonts and other strings. The development of widget 'within' the editor would have made it harder. With only this segment to focus on, we can forget about the rest of the editor and develop and test the variable-editor. Here are some snapshots of the widget :-

Here you can see the combo-boxes for boolean and color values
Spin box for integer

The color combo and the line-edit for string values.

The color combo-box (KColorCombo)

The font combo-box (KFontCombo)

Yet another integer spin button and color-combo.
Soon, this widget would be a part of the Kate text editor.

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    1. Congrats again mate! It's amazing to think that you've created something that'll soon be used by thousands across the globe. So have you started 'appreciating' UI-related work? :)