Friday, December 24, 2010

Hello World!

The title is nothing new for programmers; a simple yet effective of way of beginning a new language, a new experience. In exactly the same way, I shall begin this blog with the same 'Hello World' Post. Although I'm not new to blogging, but technical blogging is like a new language for me and hence the title seems apt.

Being keenly interested in computers and technology, I've come across a lot of technical blogs and I don't assure the readers that this one will be anything like them. This blog will just be an attempt to share whatever interesting stuff I learn in the COMPUTER WORLD. It might have some tutorials, some basic information on topics, some interesting links; but in case you are looking for a serious technical blog, I think you should go somewhere else. This is a place where I'll learn by teaching and that's my motto.

So .. once again ."HELLO WORLD"