Monday, January 9, 2012

Alias a URL on Apache

Many a times I have needed to share a page using Apache, without copying the page into the '/var/www' folder. Discussed below is one of the solutions that I often use.

Lets say you have a folder '/home/user/images' that you would like to share over Apache but you might not want to put it over into '/var/www' maybe because you have other scripts performing on this folder or taking backup from time to time.

In such a scenario, Apache's mod_alias comes to our rescue. This module allows us to provide an alias URL for the required directory. To achieve the same, insert the following lines in the '/etc/apache2/httpd.conf'

Alias /image /ftp/pub/image

<Directory /ftp/pub/image>
  Order allow,deny
  Allow from all
Care must be taken regarding the trailing slash ('/') in the directory's name. Among the options available, I suggest not using the trailing slash in any path (neither the alias, nor the actual path).

This is not the end to the process though. One important step is to ensure that the path is 'executable' by other users as well. Each of the parent directory should be also be executable by other users.

Use 'chmod 711' on each of the parent directories.

Voila, now you are done. Just restart apache and visit the URL

Friday, January 6, 2012

Chrome becomes the most popular browser in India

TechRaga reported in September, "Chrome Beats Internet Explorer And Becomes #2 Browser in India". The latest statistics from StatCounter show that Chrome is now the most popular browser in India, closely followed by Firefox.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

The above image depicts the share of browsers in the last 10 weeks, and it clearly shows that Firefox and Chrome are fighting for the top spot.

Despite the 3rd spot in India, IE enjoys the first spot worldwide, while Chrome stands at the 2nd spot after recently overtaking Firefox globally.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

According to StatCounter, among various browser versions Chrome 15.0 has already taken over the global market followed by IE 8.0.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Version Market Share

These browser wars remind us of the IE-Netscape war which was won by IE, but it looks like Open Source Browsers are becoming more popular, even among ordinary users.